Friday, January 18, 2013

3 Months Home

Zeke's been home 3 months and I haven't really done a single update on how he's doing.  Honestly, he's doing great.  Despite his intial reluctance to want to interact with us, he is now flourshing and seeks out hugs, kisses, and attention.  He's my first who was definitely attached to one main caregiver so for him, he had a lot of grief to sort out before he was ready to transfer his attachment to us.  He started going to the church nursery at the end of November with me staying a few times and then him staying on his own.  He transitioned into that really well with a few tears the first time he had to stay on his own that soon stopped once he got busy playing.  Now, it's no tears.

He has a long list of English words he says consistently including more, yes, no, dog, cat, bird, frog, hat, banana, apple, drink, car, shut the door, teeth, hair, amen, Nay Nay (Conleigh), Ten Ten (Kenson), baby, tv, chicken, ball, up, down, snow, chocolate and potty. 

Chocolate and potty are now on the list because he's been working on re training to use the big boy potty.  (He was potty trained in China but it is way to stressful to try to have a transitioning toddler and worry about potty issues.  Plus using diapers again pushes the child backwards a bit and creates a situation where the child has to be dependent upon the parents which is what you are trying to teach a newly home child.  So he was back in diapers from October to just after Christmas but now is pretty much potty trained.)

It's been just the two of us at home during the day which has been kind of a fun time.  I have enjoyed his presence a lot.  He just a happy smiley guy most of the time.  He is very good at playing independently but also likes to cuddle after lunch for some tv time or stop to play a game of some kind with me.  The minute the garage door opens when the others return home from school, he runs to the door in anticipation and loves to see everyone return.  And of course, he still adores the dog.

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Kathy C. said...

What a great report! He's a cutie.