Thursday, November 8, 2012

Cardinal Nuptials

Our backyard has been such a blessing to us.  Our lot is next to three empty lots:  two are owned by a developer who plans to put in duplexes (bummer) and one is an afalfa field.  We see all sorts of animals.  From deer who like to nibble on the apples from the apple tree in one of the lots to a groundhog that lives under our neighboor's shed to a variety of birds like bluebirds, finches, and cardinals.  Today, I noticed that there was a pair of cardinals sitting in our tree, trying to eat at our birdfeeder.  The red male was on the ground and the tan female was in the branches.  I pointed this out to the kids who then wanted to look.  I asked Kenson if he had seen them both and pointed out again that they were in different locations.  His response?  "Yes, I see both the girl and the boy."  Then he paused, "Are they married?"  Ah sweetness!

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